WRC 10 is Forza Horizon for masochists

WRC 10 is Forza Horizon for masochists

I can’t tell whether to chalk this up to pandemic lockdowns or my relentlessly advancing age, but racing games have become a serious preoccupation of mine over the past year. While I’ve always enjoyed some good hooning around in Forza Horizon, lately more serious racers have caught my attention, and the last few officially licensed WRC games from KT Racing have become a personal Everest.

WRC 10 features some of the most technically demanding rally courses I’ve seen yet, filled with hairpin turns, fussy back-and-forth paths through Croatian farming villages, and miserable weather that’s sent me sliding off muddy mountain paths into the valleys below.

Its roster of rally cars feels weighty, and it’s added plenty more to do over last year’s WRC 9. Career mode returns with few additional bells and whistles, but you have more events with which to fill your calendar this time out. You’ll also be able to participate in this year’s rallies in Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, and Spain as special events that mirror WRC’s real-world schedule, and each of these presents its own challenging set of high-speed, gravel-chewing stages.

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