Why I’m maining the Reaper in FFXIV Endwalker

Why I’m maining the Reaper in FFXIV Endwalker

When I first came to Eorzea, I felt like a stranger. Like many others, I started playing Final Fantasy XIV’s free trial during lockdown, and have since moved onto a full subscription, partly to play with friends, mostly for a new outfit.

After a year of continuous play I still feel like a stranger; I’ve missed out on ten years of changes, tweaks, and community stories. Your character is also a stranger to FFXIV’s world of Hydaelyn – a curious soul with a mysterious power that you learn more about across a mammoth main quest line. One of the quickest connections I made to them is that we are both surrounded by people who have inhabited our respective spaces long before we arrived, and it’s this connection that inspires the roleplay I love so much about this MMO. But that’ll all change when Endwalker releases.

While its story and accessibility to solo players got me through the door, FFXIV’s jobs have been the biggest hook for me. They really let you immerse yourself in each role and aesthetic. Put it down to years of watching Kurosawa movies or infatuation with Demon Slayer anime, but I settled on the Samurai. Adventuring through Eorzea as a lone, wandering ronin fits the image of playing FFXIV I have in my head, though the melee DPS job’s set of abilities is particularly accommodating for solo play.

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