What to expect from the PC Gaming Show at E3 PCGS 2021

Next weekend is going to be wild.

After a tumultuous 2020 scattered June's usual stack of gaming events across the calendar, balance has been restored. 18 livestreamed events (and counting) will take place from June 9-15 as part of a reunified E3, and the PC Gaming Show is dead-center in the middle of it.

Part of a giant day of programming that will also feature Microsoft and Bethesda, Square Enix, Back 4 Blood, and our compatriot show The Future Games Show, the PC Gaming Show will air Sunday, June 13 at 2:30 PM PST / 5:30 PM EST. Watch the show live on twitch.tv/pcgamer, youtube.com/pcgamer, or practically anywhere else. This year's show will broadcast on a record number of platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Steam, TikTok, VENN, Reddit, Entertainment Weekly, and international partners such as WEBEDIA, Wechat, Bilibili, and AfreecaTV. But not on the Golf Channel. You will not find us on the Golf Channel.

Expect a more concentrated 90-minute event, a bright moment focused just on PC gaming amid the plentiful activity of E3. And into that duration we've packed as many great trailers as possible, a total of 39 new videos, game announcements, and interviews that will make up this year's broadcast. Here's a preview of some of what you'll see:

PC Gaming Show 2021 partial lineup

  • Exclusive content, along with beta and launch information for Naraka Bladepoint
  • Techland will be showing Dying Light 2 Stay Human and giving the first in-depth look at its main character Aiden and his internal motivation, alongside revealing more about the Dying Light 2 Stay Human universe
  • The first reveal of a new game from Kasedo Games & Bulwark Studios
  • Big news for the Orcs Must Die! franchise
  • New content from New Blood Interactive
  • New gameplay for Hello Neighbor 2, new modes revealed for Rawmen, and a world premier of a new title from tinyBuild
  • A new announcement from Pixelated Milk
  • A reveal of the next game from Shiro Games
  • SEGA and Amplitude Studios will have a major announcement and reveal for the highly anticipated strategy game, Humankind
  • Exclusive content from All In! Games and Chernobylite
  • An announcement from EVE Academy
  • A new Chivalry 2 announcement from Torn Banner Studios
  • NACON and Big Bad Wolf are showing a brand new trailer for Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong
  • An exclusive offer from GeForce NOW, NVIDIA's cloud gaming service
  • Other exciting unrevealed games
  • And a message from Valve regarding Steam

The PC Gaming Show will also include exciting new content from:

  • Frontier & Frontier Foundry
  • Hello Traveler
  • Tripwire Interactive
  • Humble Games
  • Ishtar Games
  • Alawar Games

We're also doing something a little unusual, if you didn't catch it from Day[9]'s short announcement video above: the PC Gaming Show will be taking place in outer space. Listen, when a StarCraft legend says "Hop in my spaceship," you don't say no. This will be by far the highest-end production we've created, and it's one we've had a lot of fun pulling together.

Not unrelatedly, here are our sponsors for this year's show, without whom we couldn't broadcast an E3 event from orbit.

PC Gaming Show 2021 sponsors

  • MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
  • Intel
  • All in! Games
  • EVE Online
  • Frontier
  • Frontier Foundry
  • Humble Games
  • Modus Games
  • Robot Entertainment
  • SEGA
  • tinyBuild
  • Tripwire Interactive