War for Wakanda “aims at refreshing the Marvel’s Avengers experience”

War for Wakanda “aims at refreshing the Marvel’s Avengers experience”

Marvel’s Avengers has struggled – particularly on PC – to attract players since its launch last year, but the War for Wakanda expansion might be the cure for what ails the co-op game. The arrival of Black Panther, the new Wakanda biome, and a meaty new story campaign compose “the largest and most ambitious expansion since launch” and aims to “refresh the Marvel’s Avengers experience.”

A new War Table debuted today that provides a rundown of what to expect in the free War for Wakanda expansion. The story centres around an invasion of Wakanda led by Ulysses Klaue, who has assembled an army of mercenaries armed with “deadly sonic technology” and spider-mechs. Klaue is after Wakanda’s precious and powerful vibranium, and he’s setting up sonic fracking towers throughout the nation in order to get to it. He’s also apparently enlisted the help of Red Skull lieutenant Crossbones.

This process creates corrupted spikes of vibranium that pop up around the world and spread toxic gas. The Avengers take note and reestablish contact with Wakanda, which had closed off all communication with the rest of the world in the wake of the A-Day disaster.

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