The best sports games on PC

The best sports games on PC

Looking for the best sports games on PC? For the longest time, publishers were reluctant to bring their best-selling sports games to PC. Other than EA’s annual FIFA release and Sports Interactive’s Football Manager series, the sports genre on PC has been pretty sparse up until recently. Nowadays, no matter what sport you’re into, you should find something to scratch that competitive itch.

Compared to their console counterparts, the sports games featured on this list usually have smaller player bases, but that doesn’t make them inferior. The PC versions of some of these games have a lot to offer, including support for high refresh rates and a variety of high resolution panels. Ever wanted a view of the entire pitch in a football game? That’s entirely possible on PC.

These days you can find most sports games on PC with almost no compromises. Sure, you can’t get some games like UFC 4 and MLB The Show 21, but who needs those when you’ve got Street Fighter V and Super Mega Baseball 3? Here are some of our top picks for the best sports games on PC.

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