The best New World war hammer build for PvP and PvE

The best New World war hammer build for PvP and PvE

Want to know what the best New World war hammer builds are for PvP and PvE? There’s plenty of choice when it comes to building your New World character, and we’ve tested quite a few different options since the new MMO game launched. Magic weapons, particularly the life staff, are seeing lots of use, but there are plenty of viable alternatives for those who prefer melee attacks.

When it comes to damage, the war hammer doesn’t occupy the top spot in our New World weapon tier list, but it plays a significant role as a support to bolster the effectiveness of other weapon types. We have two different kinds of war hammer builds for you: one focuses on healing your teammates in PvP, and the second helps the rest of your expedition team by tanking enemy damage in PvE.

If you’re still deciding which weapon to level up first, we have several build guides to help you out. For fans of melee combat, we’ve put together the best New World great axe build, best New World hatchet build and the best New World rapier build. We also have DPS build configurations for the best New World fire staff build for those who prefer to use magic.

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