Teardown’s free ‘Part 2’ update goes full Garry’s Mod

Admittedly, that headline's a little misleading. With a Steam Workshop full of new maps to tear apart and new tools to break them with, Teardown's voxel sandbox is already the next Garry's Mod. But over the last week, developer Dennis Gustaffson has been tweeting a few more toys that are set to bring more delightful physics chaos to Teardown.

Having already teased some grimly persistent robots, Gustaffson recently shared more additions coming to the game in an upcoming update. The first is a GMod classic—letting you apply as many rocket-powered thrusters as you like to an object to send it screaming across a map.

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The second, and perhaps more quietly potent, lets you bind objects with elastic wire. While Gustaffson uses this to create an impromptu catapult, my mind is already racing at the potential for physics-driven nonsense.

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These tools, plus the aforementioned robots, are set to arrive in Part 2. A massive free update with an as-yet-unannounced release date, Gustaffson describes Part 2 as “the second half of the game”. I'm expecting even more tools to mess around with, and more structured story missions to help make the most of them.

That said, if you're looking for more Teardown to tear down (sorry), I'm not kidding when I say the workshop is brimming with delights. There are mods for everything from miniguns akimbo to on-demand meteor strikes, and mappers are making some truly stunning worlds to take a sledgehammer to.

You'll just have to wait a wee while longer before you can fling killer robots across these worlds with rope catapults and rocket thrusters.