Posing too hard crashes Apex Legends, but a fix is coming

Posing too hard crashes Apex Legends, but a fix is coming

A new Apex Legends crash problem is doing the rounds in one of the best battle royale games around, although the cause is an unusual one this time – posing too much. Apparently, players are experiencing crashes based on using animated epic poses, although Respawn is working on a fix for next week – and have posted a big “bug notice” in-game.

Like many other major online games, there has been no shortage of issues with Apex Legends since it released – such as the massive disconnection errors players experienced last month. This issue is a little less serious and a little more amusing than problems like that or the ongoing server problems Apex Legends seems to continuously suffer from – although it’s notable how Respawn is handling it.

As noticed by players a few weeks ago, animated epic poses have been crashing games. This wouldn’t be so bad as they can easily be unequipped, except players can use them on the lobby too – which can crash the game for anyone who views them too.

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