Outriders’ inventory wipe restoration is finally rolling out Outriders character holding two pistols

The Outriders inventory wipe bug was one of several hugely annoying problems with People Can Fly’s divisive looter shooter at launch, but now, a little over a month later, it looks like affected players will get their stuff back. Not everything will be returned, but most of the gear that counts should be accounted for.

In an update on the game’s subreddit it’s confirmed that this gear restoration will affect ‘Group A’ characters, which the studio defines as “those characters who encountered a wipe and are no longer able to login at this point in time.” Basically, all equipped items at the time of the wipe will be restored—no matter their rarity. Meanwhile, all Legendary items in that character’s inventory will be restored.

It gets a little more complicated from there: for non-Legendary items in the character’s inventory, 20 items will be restored, with priority on rarity first and date acquired second. That means if you were rocking a handful of Epics and a load of Rares, you’re guaranteed to get the Epics back, not at the expense of some of the crappier items.

On the matter of Accolades, these will all be restored providing you reached the final tier of them: unfortunately you’ll lose progress towards any Accolade you never completed.

The good news is that Group A players will receive “up to 20 Legendary items that they previously sold back in their inventory,” and these will be god-rolled. Players who suffered less severe inventory losses (groups B and C) will need to wait a bit longer for their compensation—there’s a handy guide here to figure out which category you belong to.