New World is still breaking gaming GPUs and it’s not just Nvidia’s RTX 3090

New World is still breaking gaming GPUs and it’s not just Nvidia’s RTX 3090

It seems like everyone is either currently playing New World or are stuck in long server queues to play Amazon Games’ new MMO, with it now being the fifth-biggest Steam game of all time by concurrent player count. However, troubling new reports are emerging on the game’s subreddit of it bricking players’ GPUs despite the developer previously insisting that it is “safe to play” following similar reports that surfaced during the game’s beta.

Previously, these issues seemed predominantly limited to Nvidia’s best graphics card, the RTX 3090, with a large portion of the blame directed towards soldering issues on EVGA branded cards. However, there are now multiple accounts of the game killing not only RTX 3090s, but also RTX 3080 Tis, RTX 3080s, RTX 3060 Tis, and even RTX 3000 laptop GPUs. Both EVGA and Gigabyte components have, again, been highlighted as particularly vulnerable to being fried.

Amazon Games previously took steps to try and mitigate the issue during the beta through an fps limiter in the game’s menu. These new reports, however, suggest the problem is far from resolved, and we’ve reached out to Amazon Games for further comment.

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