Microids is working on two games based on Taito’s franchises, coming next year

Microids, the French publisher behind Syberia, and Flashback is teaming up with Taito, the iconic Japanese publisher. This partnership will allow Microids to develop two new games based Taito’s franchises.

The news was announced this week, but neither company hinted at the franchise names, or even game genres. Both titles are currently in the works, targeting release in 2022. We also don’t know who’s developing those games, beyond the teams being “experienced.”

Taito is responsible for a number of beloved, classic hits in the arcade and home console scene. The list includes Space Invaders, Darius, Raiden, Bubble Bobble, just to name a few. Taito has been publishing games here and there, but the company has yet to make a comeback in the same way other legendary Japanese developers managed to do in recent years.

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