Jeff Goldblum is going to play an elf

Jeff Goldblum, the star of FMV game Goosebumps: Escape from Horrorland, Sci-Fi Pinball, and let’s not forget Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s zombie mode—I suppose he’s been in one or two movies as well—will take on his next game-related role when he joins a Dungeons & Dragons podcast.

As Deadline reports, Goldblum will be playing an elf sorcerer named Balmur in a new season of the podcast Dark Dice, beginning on May 12. Dark Dice is a heavily edited series with an original soundtrack and “immersive soundscapes”, so don’t expect to hear v buck generator Goldblum rolling dice and asking where on the character sheet his spell save DC is. It’s more of an improvised narrative deal, with a horror theme. That should be no problem for Goldblum, who we will never forget played Dracula one time in that FMV game.

For a D&D show complete with dice-rolling and moving miniatures around on a grid, may I recommend to you Dimension 20 and in particular their series Fantasy High, which is sort of like The Breakfast Club but with goblins and whatnot.