If Seasonic could make more of these units

Manufacturer (OEM): Seasonic | Max. DC output: 1000W | Efficiency: 80 PLUS Titanium | Form factor: ATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92 | Noise: Cybenetics A- (25-30 dBA) | Cooling: 135mm FDB Fan (HA13525M12F-Z) | Modularity: Fully modular | EPS connectors: 2 | PCIe connectors: 6 (all on dedicated cables) | Warranty: 12 years High performance and silent operation High-quality components and top build quality Fully modular 12-year warranty High OCP setting on all rails, especially the minor ones High inrush current with 115V

Seasonic hit the jackpot with its Prime platform, which starts from Gold efficiency and goes all the way up to Titanium. Several high-impact brands have already used Seasonic’s base platform in their own PSUs, including Asus with its ROG Thor 1200W, Corsair’s AX line, and Antec with its legendary Signature line. 

If Seasonic could make more of these units, I would expect more brands to get in line to source them, despite their high prices. The majority of buyers prefer low-efficiency and more affordable power supplies, unfortunately. Still, when an OEM is confident v buck generator enough to provide a platform with a twelve-year warranty, you know that this is a bullet-proof product.   

The Seasonic TX-1000 is a great power supply featuring top-notch build quality. Besides great soldering work, it also uses Japanese capacitors everywhere, including many polymer caps besides electrolytic ones and a fluid dynamic bearing fan. 

Seasonic’s engineers did their best to offer sky-high efficiency under all load regions and silent operation, at the same time, along with increased reliability. Performance-wise, this PSU belongs to the top league since it achieves tight load regulation on all rails, it has terrific ripple suppression without using the annoying in-line caps, and its hold-up time is sky-high. On top of that, the 5VSB rail’s efficiency is high, and at light loads, the PSU achieves some of the highest efficiency readings we have seen so far. 

Another asset of the TX-1000 is that it has six PCIe connectors on dedicated cables. You won’t have a problem powering energy-hungry graphics cards where the use of a single cable with two PCIe connectors should be avoided.

Corsair CX450 power supply
(Image credit: Corsair)

3. Corsair CX450

The best cheap PSU

Manufacturer (OEM): CWT or Great Wall | Max. DC output: 450W | Efficiency: 80 PLUS Bronze | Form factor: ATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92 | Noise: Cybenetics A- (25-30 dBA – CWT) | Standard+ (35-40 dBA – Great Wall) | Cooling: 120mm rifle bearing fan (HA1225M12F-Z [CWT] or D12SM-12 [Great Wall]) | Modularity: No | EPS connectors: 1 | PCIe connectors: 1 | Warranty: 5 years Modern platform Full protections set Rifle bearing fan Five-year warranty Non-modular

The lowest capacity member of Corsair’s budget-oriented CX line is the CX450. All CX models are manufactured by two different OEMs: either Great Wall and Channel Well Technology (CWT), and each of which uses a distinct platform. 

The only way to tell them apart is their RPS numbers, reference designators given to each model. Both configurations have fixed cables to keep the price as low as possible. Nonetheless, they utilize modern platforms featuring LLC resonant converters and voltage regulation modules to generate minor rails and high-quality fans. 

It is rare to find such a modern platform in this price range. The weirdest part is that the Corsair CXM units—which feature semi-modular cables so someone could believe that they belong to a higher category—actually use a lower-performance platform. 

Between the two Corsair CX450 versions, the model made by Great Wall is more efficient than CWT’s, especially under light loads, and has a more efficient 5VSB rail. On the other hand, it has a more aggressive fan profile, so its noise output increases. 

In the US market, you will only find the CWT version made in Vietnam instead of China, so it avoids the tariffs and keeps its price tag low. In other regions, the GW platform is also available. In general, the Corsair CX450, in both flavors, offers a high performance per price ratio, and it is an excellent choice for mainstream builds with embedded or low-power graphics cards. In this price range, you won’t find such a modern and capable platform. 

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