How AMD Advantage™ laptops provide a better gaming experience

Everyone games for different reasons, but every gamer understands the frustration of low framerates and stuttering caused by underpowered hardware. Even with all the years of experience companies have building high quality gaming computers, there is always room for improvement. 

AMD has spent years researching and developing technology that sits at the core of the most powerful gaming laptops on the market. By optimizing its chips and innovating with technology like AMD SmartShift™ technology1, AMD makes it possible for laptop designers to deliver sleek machines that don’t have to compromise on power. 

Amplified performance

AMD combines its powerful Ryzen™ processors and Radeon™ graphics to deliver unique features exclusive to AMD configured laptops. AMD SmartShift™ technology¹ improves performance by dynamically sending power in your laptop where it’s needed most depending on what you’re doing. Whether you’re gaming or creating content, you’ll always get optimal performance.

Certain games also take advantage of unique features like AMD Smart Access Memory, optimizing data transfer for better performance with Ryzen™ and Radeon™ hardware. 

Premium displays

To display games the way they were meant to be enjoyed, AMD FreeSync™ technology² offers an end to screen tearing on high quality 1080p and 1440p displays running at 144Hz and higher. AMD Advantage™ laptops also are designed for keyboard response times as fast as 3 ms. You can, but you won’t have to use these laptops with an external monitor to get a competitive edge.

Built to game

Triple-A games require a lot of power to run smoothly, which means hardware can heat up pretty quickly. That’s why fans and other cooling solutions exist to protect the sensitive components from damage. Unfortunately, these fans can often be quite loud and distracting during a game. 

AMD built the Ryzen “Zen 3” and Radeon RDNA™ 2 architectures with laptops in mind so that they maintain a high level of performance while staying within comfortable temperatures—and keeping fan noise down.

AMD has also optimized its Advantage™ laptops with NVMe SSDs with Microsoft Modern Standby software features to deliver near-instant wake times for your laptop. 

Experience the AMD Advantage

For years, to get the best experience in demanding games, you had to build a desktop PC or invest in a hot, heavy laptop that may as well have been a desktop. That’s not the case anymore. AMD has spent years researching, developing, and tuning its Ryzen™ series processors and Radeon™ series graphics cards to offer a premium gaming experience in laptops that can comfortably be used in your lap. 

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AMD combines its AMD Ryzen™ processors and Radeon™ graphics cards to unlock new technologies built on the three pillars of amplified performance, advanced displays, and built to game. 

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1. Smart Access Memory technology enablement requires an AMD Radeon RX 6000 series or RX 5000 series GPU, Ryzen 5000 or 3000 series CPU (excluding the Ryzen 5 3400G and Ryzen 3 3200G) and a 500 series motherboard with the latest BIOS update. BIOS requires support for AGESA or higher. Download latest BIOS from vendor website. For additional information and system requirements, see GD-178

2. AMD FreeSync™ technology requires AMD Radeon™ graphics and a display that supports FreeSync technology as certified by AMD. AMD FreeSync™ Premium technology adds requirements of mandatory low framerate compensation and at least 120 Hz refresh rate at minimum FHD. AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro technology adds requirements for the display to meet AMD FreeSync Premium Pro compliance tests. See for complete details. Confirm capability with your system manufacturer before purchase. GD-127