Here’s more details on the new aquatic Stellaris DLC

Here’s more details on the new aquatic Stellaris DLC

Earlier in the week Paradox announced two new grand strategy game expansions – EU4’s Origins immersion pack, and the Aquatics species pack for Stellaris. In today’s development diary, the Stellaris team has taken a break from their usual look at new patch improvements to talk in-depth a bit more on the new features coming in this Stellaris DLC.

The full list of new features includes 16 new portraits (with a robotic one as well), a new water themed ship set, two new origins, a new civic, the ‘Aquatic’ species trait, and, for the first time in a species pack, a new ascension perk. One of the new origins is called ‘Here be Dragons’, and your empire will start off with their own unique symbiotic relationship with an Ether Drake. The tl;dr is that this pseudo-guardian will protect your homeworld, but only if you keep it happy.

Considering origins like the Clone Army one introduced in the last patch for the Humanoid pack, it really seems like the development team are exploring new and creative ‘backstories’ for empire creation, and I hope we see more of this down the line. The other origin, ‘Ocean Paradise’, can be combined with the new ascension perk and the species trait to give an ocean-dwelling species a really strong start to the strategy game, as well as scaling benefits as you progress.

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