Here’s Doom running on the display that shows your order in a restaurant Doom running on a commercial kitchen appliance

Can it run Doom? The answer is always yes. The latest proof comes to us via This Does Not Compute, a YouTube channel about retro computers, games, and DIY projects. Colin from This Does Not Compute got hold of one of the computers that display the queue of upcoming orders in a restaurant, and made a video demonstrating that it uses a clone Pentium CPU from 1998. So of course, the comments asked: Can it run Doom?

The computer in question is an OAsys IPadSX kitchen display system, which runs on a derivative of MS-DOS called X-DOS, which there isn't much info about online. Colin tried putting Windows on it via SD card and USB, but neither worked. Eventually he gets a full install of MS-DOS 6.22 on it, along with the shareware version of Doom. With an external keyboard plugged into the PS/2, and the PC speaker for sound, he finally gets Doom up and working. It runs at a decent speed too. "I'm actually surprised at how playable this is," Colin says. 

So yes, you can run Doom on a kitchen display system. Add that to everything else we've seen Doom on, from a pregnancy test, Nintendo's Game & Watch alarm clock, some sheep in Minecraft, and 100 pounds of moldy potatoes.

Thanks, PCGamesN.