GoldenEye 007 fan remake returns to Far Cry 5 with “Bond-related” changes

GoldenEye 007 fan remake returns to Far Cry 5 with “Bond-related” changes

July 01, 2021 The fan-made remake has returned with several tweaks.

The fan-made GoldenEye 007 remake has returned to Far Cry 5, albeit under a different name. As spotted by TechRaptor, the levels are now available on PC and PS4 with some “Bond-related” tweaks. Creator Krollywood explains on Reddit that it can now be found on PC by searching for the stage name “Golden Cry” by creator Graslu00, and on PS4 under creator name Perfect-Dark1982. Xbox will “come later”, explains Krollywood.

Original story: A Far Cry fan spent three years and around 1,400 hours completely remaking Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye using Far Cry 5’s Arcade map editor – only to have Ubisoft delete it as soon as it was complete, thanks to “copyright infringement claims” from rights holder MGM.

YouTuber Krollywood painstakingly recreated GoldenEye – still the greatest James Bond game and one of the best FPS games of all time – within Far Cry 5 and had basically finished it, barring the two bonus levels, only to find them gone earlier this week. In a statement by Ubisoft (thanks Kotaku), the publisher explained that the maps “have been removed due to copyright infringement claims from a right [sic] holder” – meaning MGM, who somehow found out about the remake (thanks Kotaku... kidding).

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