Frogs are coming to Minecraft

During this year's Minecraft Live, Mojang announced that Minecraft's next big update will be 'The Wilds' releasing sometime in 2022. Alongside a bunch of new blocks and biomes, the best thing from the looks of the entire update has to be the addition of the humble Minecraft frog.

Frogs in Minecraft are going to be a peaceful mob and will be the first cold-blooded creatures in the blocky sandbox's history. Grown from tadpoles, frogs will come in a variety of different colours that are chosen depending on the temperature of the biome it grows up in. Each coloured frog will do something unique, but these traits are something that Mojang hasn't even decided yet. 

Minecraft tadpoles

(Image credit: Mojang)

Our amphibian friends can be found in the newly announced Mangrove Swamp biome where they can hop on lily pads and munch on fireflies to their heart's content. The frogs look pretty darn adorable, but I still think that the crown of cuteness will remain firmly on the axolotl's head for now. 

As big as this news is, Mojang had plenty more announcements at this year's Minecraft Live. Minecraft's next big update is the previously mentioned Wilds update which will focus on fine-tuning some of the sandbox's biomes. The studio also revealed that both Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft will be available to play on the Xbox Game Pass this November.