Fortnite’s Neymar skin: When it releases and everything else you need to know fortnite neymar

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At the start of Fortnite season 6, Epic teased the football icon Neymar Junior as part of the battle pass, but details have remained scarce…until now.

Now we know exactly when to expect Neymar to hit Fortnite. If you're unfamiliar, Neymar plays for the Brazil National Team and Paris-Saint Germain. Time named him one of the 100 most influential people in 2017. He captained Brazil to their first Olympic gold medal in men's football at the 2016 Olympic Games. In 2020, he was also the world's fourth highest-paid sports star.

So yeah, he's basically better than you or me at everything, and we just have to accept that.

Regardless, his worldwide fame has made him one of Fortnite's most hotly anticipated bonuses for players.

Here's everything you need to know about Neymar in Fortnite.

fortnite neymar

(Image credit: Neymar Junior)

Neymar release date

After six whole weeks of Fortnite season 6, Epic finally teased an actual release date for Neymar. It looks like Neymar is coming to Fortnite on April 27.

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Neymar skin: What does it look like?

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Judging from that trailer, we're possibly getting two different versions of the Neymar skin.

The most sensible choice would be a skin that just replicates Neymar's actual physique in-game. Epic is old hat at turning its characters into athletes, so I'd imagine it'll look a lot like previous football/soccer players, but with Neymar's blue, yellow, and green color scheme. Check out the illustration above.

That trailer also shows off something that definitely looks like no football jersey I've ever seen, though. In a few quick cuts, we can see what appears to be a skintight suit with clawed hands 

fortnite neymar

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The rest of the suit similarly looks like a mix of Black Panther and Iron Man, from what little we can see. Clearly Epic is interested in transforming Neymar into the superhero fans already think he is.

fortnite neymar

(Image credit: Epic Games)

How much does the Fortnite Neymar skin cost?

Neymar was deliberately teased in the Fortnite season 6 battle pass trailer, so we doubt that Epic is going to throw it into the item shop…at least for a while.

So if you really nail it down, the Neymar skin is free, assuming you already have the battle pass. If you don't, it'll cost you 950 V-bucks (about $8) to grab the basic version, or 2,800 V-bucks for the deluxe edition.

You might also notice that the season 6 battle pass still has several reward slots that are listed as "?," so I really have to imagine that that's where we'll find Neymar once he arrives.

It's also possible that Epic will add in some challenges associated with the Neymar skin. Since it looks like two skins are dropping, you might have to complete a few quests to get the way more cool superhero-looking skin.

It's still possible that Epic may sell Neymar in the item shop. Epic has yet to announce anything along those lines. If he does go on sale, I imagine he'll go for at least 1,200 V-bucks, if not considerably more.

Make sure to keep an eye on PC Gamer's Fortnite hub for more news and guides to all things season 6. If you want some new skins, you can grab new alternate outfits for DC characters by reading some Batman comics.