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Fortnite season 7 is almost upon us. Season 6's Primal theme provided for plenty of fun hunting wild animals, or being hunted by them, and watching the Fortnite map turn into a feral battlefield. So season 7 has plenty to live up to.

What's in store for Fortnite's next season, though? As always, there are bound to be leaks from the usual group of data miners, teasers inserted by Epic into the actual game, and plenty more to sift through. Some things never change, though, so you can absolutely expect a new battle pass, new skins, and some sort of new theme to focus the whole season.

So if you can't wait, read on for everything we know about Fortnite season 7.

Fortnite season 7

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Fortnite season 7 start date

The Fortnite season 7 start date isn't officially known just yet, but a few things point us towards a pretty reliable window. The season 6 battle pass officially ends on June 8.

In previous seasons, that's tended to be a reliable marker for when the current season ends, and when we can expect the next season to begin shortly thereafter. The only exceptions that I can remember are the launch of Chapter 2 (it's still astounding that Epic killed its own game for like two days) and some previous seasons prior to Chapter 2.

So all that said, we can anticipate that Fortnite season 7 will most likely begin on June 8. It's possible that season 6 might get an extension of some sort (mostly to allow for players to finish challenges), but keep in mind we're still dealing with a global crisis that's keeping companies like Epic from getting back into their offices safely.

Fortnite season 7

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Fortnite season 7 battle pass

Details on the Fortnite season 7 battle pass are pretty slim right now. But we're fairly certain you'll be able to purchase the basic battle pass for 950 V-bucks, and the Battle Bundle for 2,800 V-bucks. Keep in mind that 1,000 V-bucks costs $7.99, but buying 2,800 V-bucks will cost $19.99.

As for battle pass skins, details are also somewhat slim. During season 6, we saw a considerable number of DC characters get added to Fortnite's roster, including Raven, Beast Boy, and new variants of Batman and Catwoman. It's possible we'll see more in season 7, but we'd consider that a stretch considering how much real estate DC has already been given. It wouldn't be quite the seismic event that Marvel's season was.

fortnite season 7 theme

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What's the Fortnite season 7 theme?

Details on the Fortnite season 7 theme are pretty slim. After season 6's "Primal" theme introduced wild animals, dinosaurs, and towns made of bones (what is this, Bloodborne?), season 7 will need to go big to keep up our interest.

Longtime data miner ShiinaBR has previously mentioned that some "Foreshadowing" challenges have been added into Fortnite's files, and that IO (the "Imagined Order" organization that Jonesy used to work for) could be related to them.

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So it seems like we'll see some more business between Jonesy, the Imagined Order, and every other major character before the close of season 6.

A lot more is bound to be revealed or leaked the closer we get to Fortnite season 7, so make sure to check back on this page for all the updates we can dig up. In the meantime, check out our Fortnite hub for more guides and news.

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