Fortnite Ghostbusters punchcard – where to find the mini pufts

Fortnite Ghostbusters punchcard – where to find the mini pufts

Want to know how to complete the Fortnite Ghostbusters containment specialist punchcard? The Fortnitemares update is here, summoning a host of Fortnite punchcard challenges. As the Fortnite map becomes ever more dangerous, it may be tougher to complete these challenges. There are plenty of rewards if you do, though; this week’s punchcards set by Ariana Grande unlock the all-weather extractor pickaxe, Dark Jonesy’s quests give you the cube cruiser glider, and completing the Ghostbusters containment specialist grants the No Ghosts back bling.

These Fortnite NPCs are found in specific locations; once you talk to them, you can then finish their five challenges in sequence. However, they won’t be around forever – the Ghostbusters punchcard expires on November 2. To complete the punchcard, you need to deploy seismographs, exterminate mini-pufts, retrieve mechanical parts, place Ghostbusters signs, and deploy a ghost trap.

To help you finish all five of these Fornite Ghostbusters challenges, we’ll take you through each step: how to find the Ghostbusters containment specialist and how to complete each challenge, including the Fortnite mini-pufts locations.

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