Fortnite game developer Epic Games investing in the project.

An animated film titled Gilgamesh is in development from the Latin American film studio Hook Up with Fortnite game developer Epic Games investing in the project. Epic Games will also be providing their Unreal Engine technology as the animation hub that free v bucks generator the film will be created on. Unreal Engine has recently been used in both The Mandalorian and Westworld for the creation of virtual sets and visual experiences, which are both equal measures astonishing and believable.

According to Deadline, the film will follow the life, adventures, and tragedies of the legendary Gilgamesh, who served as the inspiration for the well-known stories Odyssey and Iliad. The main plot will be about Gilgamesh searching for immortality, his rocky free v bucks generator relationship with frenemy Enkidu (which is reminiscent of the relationship between Frodo and Sam), and how this ancient Indiana Jones-like character became a demigod.


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