Far Cry 6 footage leaks ahead of today’s gameplay stream Far Cry 6

Later today, Ubisoft is giving us our first peek at Far Cry 6's gameplay in action. But it seems leakers have beaten it to the punch, as 6 minutes of footage from the open-world sandbox emerged on YouTube earlier this morning.

A largely unedited montage of skirmishes, the footage does look and sound like a genuine Far Cry entry. There's shooting, sneaking, stabbing, and exploding in a vast, gorgeous Cuban-esque world, with a brief peek at the full map at around 3:54.

We're introduced to some properly ridiculous gadgets, from handheld miniguns and a backpack missile launcher to weaponised CD players that murder people with the Macarena. Animal companions are also back—and while it looks like you can nick horses from their owners, the real star seems to be a pet alligator (or crocodile?) that can be dressed up in shirts and hats.

The footage is obviously missing a lot of context, mind. The audio mixing is off, and feels like it's missing the commentary track running us through the game's new features. That context will likely come with tonight's stream, which will ultimately confirm whether this leak is genuine or not.

Today's event may also give us a firm release date for Far Cry 6. The game is currently set to launch later this year, after the pandemic pushed the game out of a planned February release.