Dozens of concept art images for Fortnite skins

Dozens of concept art images for Fortnite skins have leaked online thanks to an official Epic Games survey. These count as only the latest in a long line of Epic-related leaks that have made the rounds in recent weeks. Of course, the classified information that set the industry ablaze earlier in the month came out of the Epic Games vs. Apple trial.

Confidential court documents that slipped v buck generator into the public eye cover plenty of ground, from the price Epic paid for free games it offers Epic Games Store users to the fact that Psyonix is currently working on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S ports for Rocket League. Other classified details disclosed Sony’s initial disdain for cross-platform play, which eventually culminated in the publisher taking royalty fees for crossplay functionality on PlayStation platforms. Now yet another batch of Epic leaks is beginning to make waves online, though they bear no relation to the ongoing legal dispute with Apple.

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