Destiny 2 now has crossplay voice chat Screenshots and artwork from Destiny 2's Season of the Lost and 30th Anniversary event.

A week after Destiny 2 received crossplay, you can now voice chat with friends on all supported platforms. Yup, including Stadia.

Destiny 2's update officially enabled voice chat on Friday, though some functionality is still hit-or-miss for Xbox players, so let your console friends know. The biggest issue appears to be that Xbox players will still hear anyone even if their chat settings are set to just friends, and muting a player in Fireteam chat won't fix it.

Funnily enough, Bungie accidentally enabled crossplay on Destiny 2 back in May, a technical fluke that nonetheless got PC players excited to be able to chat with console players. Bungie noted at the time that it was a mistake and wasn't fully functional, but was cool with people partaking for about a week before it was deactivated.

Bungie has a helpful crossplay guide if you want to take on Riven or Atheon with console friends. As you'd hope, competitive mode matchmaking will separate console and PC to keep things fair, while non-competitive modes will matchmake across platforms. If you turn off crossplay, you'll matchmake only with other players on the same platform who also have crossplay disabled. Clans can also be cross-platform now.

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Thanks, IGN