Death Stranding Director’s Cut gets final trailer for its September release

Kojima Productions released the final trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut before the game’s release later this month. The trailer, which was edited by creator Hideo Kojima himself, focused on the mood of the game while showing off new features like the racing track.

The trailer itself shows off key visuals of the game while Goliath by Woodkid plays throughout. There’s not a ton new story-wise if you’ve played the game before, but the trailer does highlight the overall mood of the game without giving anything away to those who haven’t played it yet. And like the leadup to the original game, the end of the trailer put an emphasis on the actors embodying the different roles in the game.

For his part, Kojima talked on Twitter about how the game isn’t being promoted heavily because it’s not a new game, though he edited the trailer with all his soul.

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