Back 4 Blood tips: unlocking Prepper Stash doors, sharing ammo, Supply Point farming and healing trauma

Back 4 Blood is here, and we’ve been playing it. Whether you’re getting some serious Left 4 Dead vibes from this one – hoping it would bring back your old gnome run squad, or you’re approaching it with few expectations – there’s a fun co-op game with solid mechanics and interesting level design to be enjoyed here.

For as many tutorials and helpful prompts as Back 4 Blood has, it doesn’t always do a good job of explaining some of its systems. It leaves a few for you to discover on your own, too. We’re here to save you some of the trouble, so read our best Back 4 Blood tips below and watch Dorrani’s video for more.

The card system in Back 4 Blood doesn’t quite operate by the same rules as other games. It’s important to remember this, and treat cards more like perks rather than random bonuses in a hand. Because of the way the system works, you should take the time to arrange your cards in the order you think will be the most useful. For instance, early on, you may want to go for cards that boost Copper earn or let you highlight useful items through the environment, and save the more powerful damage-boosting and health-buffing cards for later on in the run.

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